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18564DHLA 48 choke41,42,43mm   487540O ring

27956DHLA 45/48 choke31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40mm497513Cap screwCarb details required.

28383DHLA 40 choke25 to 37mm, in 1mm steps507525Pump jet weightCarb details required.

38011DHLA 45/48 Aux. Venturi1,2,3,4516415Pump jet ball bearing

47848DHLA 40 Aux. Venturi1,2,3,45210747Pump jet holder

57484Main Jet85,88,90,92,95,98,100 etc to 110,5310748Pump jet filter/spring

5110-190 in 1`s202,205,208,210-240, in 5`s546173Pump jet O ring

67644Idle jet32-82 in 1`s556426Pump jet cap fibre washer

77851Pump jet30,33,35,38,40,42,45,48,55,60,65,569926Air bleed screwCarb details required.

770,75,90,150.578678Air bleed screw O ring

83315Starter jet40-90 in 5`s587959Vacuum blanking screw

97772Main emulsion tubeNo`s 1 to 16598857G/H prog. blanking screwCarb details required.

107482Starter emulsion tubeNo`s 1,2,3,4609656Mixture screw 48/45/40HCarb details required.

117485Air corrector80,90,100,110,115,120,125,130,135619336Mixture screw spring

11140,142.5-202.5 in 2.5`s 205-250.628260Mixture screw washer

127850Idle holder/emulsion tubeWeak- 5,10,9,4,1,3,6,7,2,8 -rich6310381DHLA late alfa lever

138809Needle valve, viton tipped120,150,170,200,225649754DHLA throttle stop screw

138811Needle valve, metal tipped120, 150, 170, 200, 225.656423Spindle nut(also locking washer on 91)

12538Needle valve, viton tipped350 (cross drilled)666581Spindle nut lock washer

147481Throttle butterfly DHLA 40Carb details required.6710714Short Lotus lever

148010Throttle butterfly DHLA 45Carb details required.687958Spindle end cover

148563Throttle butterfly DHLA 48Carb details required.697537Spindle washer

157298Float assy707490Spindle bearing

167501Choke piston cover boltCarburetor reconditioning717627Pump rod springCarb details required.

177413Choke piston springservice available.72805840/45/48 E Pump cover assyCarb details required.

189609Choke piston 737625Pump rod nut

196434Choke outer cable clamp screw746390Pump rod lock nut

207488Choke cable support757626Diaphagm Spring

219818Top cover castingCarb details required.767515Pump DiaphragmCarb details required.

229358Top cover casting gasket775011Spring washer (pump cover)

229220Top cover casting gasket (antisurge)786429Screw (pump cover)

239498Needle valve filter798302Alfa carb/inlet manifold gasketCarb details required.

247530Vent cover screw807542Pump non-return valve

257549Vent cover(plastic) (alloy available)817509Pump body gasket

266430Top cover screw827550DHLA45E Pump bodyCarb details required.

274997Top cover spring washer837526Pump body screw

287511Vent cover gasketAll parts for Lotus & turbo846416Butterfly screw

297062Choke inner cable clampDHLA`S available856449DHLA48 choke retaining screwRequired on 48`s only

306850Cable clamp washer 864957Spring washer (choke screw)

316432Choke cable clamp nut877151Trumpet studCarb details required.

327854Choke cable return spring887957Throttle return spring (std)

337838Choke spring cup washer888610Throttle return spring (competition)

344957Spring washer899024
Cap screwCarb details required.

352906Choke spring retaining nut908307DHLA40 pump rod assy

369610Choke actuator cam917507Venturi grub screw

377837Actuator cam spring washer923793Split pin (balance lever)Carburetor reconditioning

389611Actuator cam retaining bushCarb details required.937496Balance lever pinservice available.

397341Choke actuator lever939752Balance lever pin

406425Needle valve washer942638Balance lever spring

417503Float assy pivot pin9511529Late Alfa balance lever

427663Banjo fibre washer, inner967496Balance lever pin

437862Fuel banjo, single 45 degree976898Throttle stop screw

438071Fuel banjo, single 90 degreeCarburetor reconditioning984670Throttle stop screw spring

437660Fuel banjo, single standardservice available.994650Washer

448072 Fuel banjo, double 90 degree 1008304Lotus balance leverAll parts for Lotus & turbo

447661Fuel banjo, double standard1017668DHLA 40 spindleDHLA`S available

451419Banjo fuel filter1018352DHLA 45 spindle

467662Banjo fibre washer, outer1018604DHLA 48 spindle

477659Banjo bolt10252528

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